Because you can’t be there to help patients at home. 

Life-saving therapies only work when they’re taken.

KEEP Health brings you innovative technology that connects patients to care, resources, content, and family members in a totally new way. Gain insight into their lives at home, ensure medication adherence, and extend your care and support like never before.

50% of patients don’t take their medications as prescribed1

Building a better future with

An extension of your care and supplement to existing support programs for patients living with chronic conditions.

Reliable Insights

KEEP’s innovative passive data capture does so much more than the average pill organizer. It provides a frictionless experience to understand dosing events without the need for error-prone manual data entry. 

Real-time interventions

Connect patient care and resources in a dynamic and personalized way, including real-time alerts so you can support high-cost medication adherence and safe dosage for optimal therapeutic success.

Stores all sizes of medicine. Safely.

KEEP’s platform provides the flexibility to support medication that comes in all shapes and sizes.

Award Winning Design

Simple, intuitive, beautiful, KEEP stores medication privately, yet in plain sight.

Life Sciences

KEEP helps ensure your brands are more successful thanks to real-time data that can lead to interventions so you can help improve patient outcomes as they relate to therapies. 

Specialty Pharmacies

Be part of the home healthcare IoT revolution while supporting adherence to specialty medicine prescription instructions with KEEP’s security and medication tracking capabilities.

Patient Support Programs

KEEP provides a patient-centric experience that allows for better medication monitoring - especially for high-cost medications - so you can help support your patients the moment they need it.

Another way to help patients get the best from their life-saving therapies.


Medication is easily accessible yet private to reduce any stigma while improving patient care.


​Unlocks with two-level security via the KEEP app including alerts if KEEP has been tampered with or moved.


All types of medication can fit in KEEP, even in its original packaging.


With the KEEP app, taking the right medications at the right time is easier than ever.

Advisory Board

KEEP is the first solution that I have seen that addresses ADHERENCE directly in the patients' home with patient-sensitive triggers to remind patients of the importance of staying on treatment as prescribed by their physician. As important, KEEP can also be configured to provide daily updates which we have never been able to capture in the past.

Hitesh Patel

  1. The role of home medication storage location in increasing medication adherence for middle-aged and older adults. (

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