The World's Safest Medicine Cabinet

Store Safer. For Your Peace of Mind.

Created by real parents after a very real scare. Where we keep our meds isn’t good enough, safe enough or smart enough. We know we can do better.

Cool. Dry. And safe.

Most medication should be kept in a cool, dry place. KEEP helps ensure your medication is where it should be.

State-of-the-art security

Unlock your KEEP using your face and fingerprint scan with the KEEP app. You’ll also receive alerts to notify you if your KEEP has been tampered with, or moved.

Intelligent Features

View the time, internal temperature, and humidity at a glance. Portable and ready to travel with 12-hour battery life.

Flexible Interior

Some medications and supplements must stay in their original packaging for optimal potency. Unlike standard pill organizers and dispensers, KEEP holds all shapes and sizes.

Award-Winning design

Cool, dry, secure, connected, and easy to clean. The elegant and minimal design of KEEP feels right at home, in any room.

Knowing my teenage son (or his friends) can’t access my back pain medication helps me sleep better at night.

Brian J

After my husband’s surgery, we had a hard time managing his post-op medications. We used our KEEP to stay organized and track when he took his meds so he wouldn’t overdose by accident.

Grace M

My daughter's vitamins look like gummy bears, so keeping them and all of our other medications securely in our KEEP means she doesn’t accidentally take them.

Sandra B

Elegant safe storage.

Buying KEEP for someone else?

KEEP is a great gift to support a loved one in managing, tracking, and storing multiple medications and vitamins.

Your KEEP works with a free companion app.

It’s your key to unlocking KEEP, how you set reminders to take your medications, and your notification centre.


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