Transforming Patient Care with AI Data Analytics


byKEEP Brain Trust

The pharmaceutical industry has traditionally navigated discovery, patient support, and regulatory compliance with a legacy approach. However, the tide is turning as we venture into the world of AI and real-world experience. Insights and data are morphing, poised to transform the pharma landscape in ways once only in the realm of, …maybe one day.

At the center of this transformation lies the volume of data generated across the healthcare ecosystem. From EHR and ePROs to genetic research and market behaviors, the deluge of information is astounding. Raw data is akin to an uncut diamond – full of promise but lacking tangible current value. The magic unfolds when line of sight to this data is possible and then is analyzed meticulously and efficiently in a real-time setting, revealing patterns and insights often left unearthed due to lack of visibility.

One of the most captivating applications of data analytics in pharma is in support of patients in their homes. Historically, this process has been a labyrinthine journey: costly, time-consuming, and fraught with lack of granularity, timeliness, and trust. It is through the meticulous process of data analysis that meaningful patterns and trends are unveiled, revealing a treasure trove of insights. Empowered with these insights, patients, health care teams, and personal circle of care become an informed and influential ally to an individual.

At KEEP we have brought together the worlds of active tracking of medication behavior with long coveted passive data capture. No longer is a tether to a mobile phone the requirement to understand an individual and their journey within their home. Within the time span of a day, all the nuances of early, late, on time, skipped, missed are now visible, actionable, and reportable. What interventions or prompts really move the needle is now a question that can be answered, and the success blueprint can be repeated at scale. Be it imbedded into a pharmacy’s workflow, a HUB/PSP program, or simply to enable carers to be more informed, there is a new world of line of sight to explore.

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