The world's safest medicine cabinet.

Side effects include peace of mind.

It turns out, there's a better way to store medication in your home. KEEP’s patented technology allows you to confidently and discreetly store your medication and ensure you never miss a dose.

Smart storage to protect the ones you love and keep your medication safe.

KEEP opens with an app on your phone and you will receive alerts if someone tries to open, move or tamper with it.

With a sleek, discreet design, KEEP hides in plain sight.
It looks like a smart speaker with a clock, but if you engage the biometric lock, the top opens,
The kicker is its locking system, which works via facial recognition or a data-encrypted app

Elegant and intelligent storage for medication.

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Never miss a dose.

KEEP helps you stay organized by passively logging when medications are taken. Plus KEEP can help you and those you care about stay on top of their routine, with in-app tracking and reminders.

Discreet Elegant Storage

Elegantly store medication, vitamins, and other supplements so they are easily accessible yet completely private.

Alert Enabled Security

​Unlocks with two-level security via the KEEP app. Alerts notify you if KEEP has been tampered with or moved.

Flexible All-In-One Organizer

Organize all types of medication and supplements in one spot, from naturopathic remedies to everyday prescriptions.

Smart Medication Tracker

With the KEEP app, you can make sure you are taking the right meds at the right time with medication tracking and reminders.
Knowing my teenage son (or his friends) can’t access my back pain medication helps me sleep better at night.

Brian J

After my husband’s surgery, we had a hard time managing his post-op medications. We used our KEEP to stay organized and track when he took his meds so he wouldn’t overdose by accident.

Grace M

My daughter's vitamins look like gummy bears, so keeping them and all of our other medications securely in our KEEP means she doesn’t accidentally take them.

Sandra B


Store your medication safely so only those who need to know, know.

Medication Management

Manage multiple medications all in one discreet device so you can properly track your medication and never forget to take the right dose.


Empower the ones you love with the independence of managing their own medication and staying organized.

How KEEP works

Download the KEEP health app

Download the KEEP health app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

Pair your KEEP via Bluetooth 

Once you’ve set up your account, pair your KEEP with the KEEP health app using Bluetooth.

Connect KEEP to your home WiFi 

Using the KEEP health app, connect your KEEP to your home’s WiFi network. You can now open and close KEEP with your phone!

Keep up with KEEP

Stay up to date on all things KEEP, including app updates, new products and capabilities and more!

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