Top 5 Themes for Enhancing Patient-Centered Care: A Founder's Insights into the KEEP Labs Experience


byPhilip Wilkins

In my role as a founder of KEEP , I'm deeply committed to understanding our users on a profound level. Beyond the confines of boardroom discussions and data analytics, I take the time each week to engage in candid conversations with a minimum of ten patients. These discussions, often scheduled outside regular business hours to accommodate their routines, provide invaluable insights into their stories, the role of medication in their lives, and the challenges they face in managing their health conditions.

After connecting with over 100 users in recent months, a vivid picture emerges: KEEP isn't just a product to them; it's a lifeline. It's not merely about the hardware or software; it's about how these elements come together to actively intervene and elevate patient care.

But why does this matter to pharma?

Here are the Top 5 themes that have emerged:

1. The Patient Voice Matters

What our patients shared: "I used to feel alone in my medication journey, but with KEEP, I feel supported," shared one patient. This sentiment is echoed by many, emphasizing the importance of feeling connected and understood.

Significance for Pharma Partners: Direct patient feedback provides invaluable insights into medication adherence challenges and the role of support systems.

KEEP Data Spotlight: Users average >2.5 Daily Active Uses of KEEP, consistently over a five + month period, indicating high engagement and trust in the product.

2. Enhancing Adherence Through User-Centric Design

What our patients shared: "Managing my medications used to be a daily struggle. KEEP has made it so much simpler," remaked a user who has juggled multiple medications for years and tried many solutions that required changes in behavior.

Significance for Pharma Partners: The complexity of managing multiple medications can be daunting. KEEP's patented design simplifies this journey. Instead of asking patients to change HOW they take their medications, we simply ask them to change where they STORE them. This allows us to focus on providing an experience where technology helps drive behavior changes.

KEEP Data Spotlight: >90% adherence rate with over 50,000 dosing events passively logged, emphasizing our system's efficacy.

3. Trust Through Quality

What our patients shared: "The design feels premium, like Apple. It's something I trust to store my critical medications safely," a user noted, highlighting the importance of product quality.

Significance for Pharma Partners: A product's design and functionality can make or break trust. KEEP's premium feel has garnered significant trust from users.

The KEEP device is lovely. I have a test unit sitting on my bathroom vanity, and it looks more like a smart speaker than a secure box. There’s a clock on the front and a soft matte finish.” TechCrunch, October 4, 2023

KEEP Data Spotlight: A Customer Satisfaction Score (SCAT) of >85% and a low Customer Effort Score (CES) of 1.4 highlight user trust and product ease.

4. Iterative Improvement Through Feedback

What our patients shared: "I suggested including caregiver features, and seeing them implemented in the KEEP Insiders program made me feel valued," shared a user, emphasizing the importance of being receptive to feedback.

Significance for Pharma Partners: Continuous feedback from patients drives our evolution, enabling us to refine and enhance KEEP's features.

KEEP Data Spotlight: Direct feedback from users has resulted in the introduction of personalized interventions, ensuring that even complex regimens are managed with ease and precision.

5. Building a Community

What our patients shared: "It's not just a product; it's a community. I feel part of something bigger, working towards better health," a user expressed, capturing the essence of the KEEP community during a recent user forum.

Significance for Pharma Partners: Medication management is a collective effort. We're cultivating a community centered on positive health behaviors.

KEEP Data Spotlight: Over 2,000 active users underscore the growing community relying on KEEP.

For pharma, these insights are invaluable. They offer a direct window into patient experiences, challenges, and needs. By partnering with KEEP, pharma companies can tap into these insights, ensuring their strategies are not just data-driven but patient-informed. In essence, KEEP represents the patient voice, bridging the gap between pharma and the very people they aim to serve.

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