Embrace Support with Circle of Care: Jamie's Story


byPhilip Wilkins

Welcome to our blog series, "Embrace Support with Circle of Care," where we delve into the heart of managing health not just as an individual journey, but as a collective effort that involves the care, support, and understanding of those who matter most to us.

In this series, we will explore real stories from users like Jamie, who have discovered the transformative power of incorporating a support network into their health routines through KEEP's innovative Circle of Care feature. These narratives will shed light on how connection, empathy, and shared responsibility can reshape the experience of managing chronic conditions, making the journey less about the individual struggle and more about communal resilience and empowerment.

Stay tuned as we uncover the profound impact of embracing a support network in navigating health challenges, and how KEEP's Circle of Care is pioneering this compassionate approach to wellness.

Now, let’s hear from Jamie!

Q: Can you tell us a bit about your health journey before KEEP?

Jamie: "Oh, where to start? It felt like a juggling act, trying to keep track of all my meds and appointments. Some days I nailed it, but other days... let's just say I dropped a few balls."

Q: What led you to try KEEP's Circle of Care feature?

Jamie: "I was at my wit's end and needed something to change. My friend suggested KEEP, mentioning how it could loop in my family for support. Sounded like just what I needed!"

Q: How has the Circle of Care feature changed your medication routine?

Jamie: "It's been a game-changer. Now, my family gets updates if I miss a dose, and they can check in or give me a gentle nudge. It's like having my own cheer squad."

Q: What's one moment that stands out since you started using Circle of Care?

Jamie: "There was this one time I completely forgot my evening meds. Before I knew it, my sister called, not to nag, but to share a laugh and remind me. It turned a potential slip-up into a moment of connection."

Q: How has Circle of Care impacted your relationship with your loved ones?

Jamie: "It's brought us closer in ways I didn't expect. They're more in tune with my daily struggles and triumphs, and I feel supported, not just in health matters but in life."

Q: Any advice for others considering KEEP's Circle of Care?

Jamie: "Definitely give it a try. It's more than just a safety net; it's a new way to communicate and bond with your support circle. Plus, it takes some of the weight off your shoulders, knowing you're not in this alone."

Q: What would you say to someone hesitant about sharing their health data?

Jamie: "I get it, privacy is a big deal. But with KEEP, you control who sees what. It's all about trust and transparency, and for me, the benefits of feeling supported far outweighed my initial concerns."

Q: Looking ahead, what are your hopes for your health journey with KEEP?

Jamie: "I'm just excited to keep on this positive path, maybe explore more features of KEEP. With my Circle of Care by my side, I feel ready for whatever comes my way."


Jamie's experience with KEEP's Circle of Care underscores the power of support networks in managing health, especially for those with chronic conditions. By incorporating loved ones into the care process, KEEP is redefining what it means to manage health collectively, bringing peace of mind and improved adherence to its users.

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